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Raoul Beltran

Talent Acquisition Manager


  • Raoul is a seasoned professional with a rich background in candidate search and screening, currently serving as a Candidate Search and Screening Specialist at Adamil. With over two years of experience in this role, he brings a wealth of expertise in talent acquisition. In addition to his corporate role, Raoul is the proud owner of Skylege since January 2018, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the field. Furthermore, as the proprietor of Arcura for many years, Raoul demonstrates an unparalleled dedication to his ventures, making him a well-rounded and accomplished individual in the professional landscape.


  • Studied Accounting and Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics. 


  • Raoul possesses a diverse skill set that reflects his proficiency in candidate search and screening, with expertise in talent acquisition. His skills extend  to recruitment, screening, and long-term business ownership, showcasing a versatile professional background.


  • Swedish, English, Spanish

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