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Sales professional

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Gdańsk, Poland

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Full Time

Average 17,722 Zloty

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Fixed + commission, monthly


Contact person at Adamil

Ricard Beltran

About the Role

Do you love sales? Are you used to working independently and taking responsibility and still enjoy being part of a team? Then you might be the new colleague we’re looking for. We are currently looking for a sales person for our office in Gdansk. Our two services are advertisements in our news pages and different services connected to our expos. You can start immediately or after agreement. We want you to be in Gdansk, we also would like you to have at least two years of experience in sales, and it is a must that you speak Polish as a native language or as your second language. It is not a requirement from us that you have worked specifically in the electronics industry, we don’t know your exact background. We would appreciate it if you surprise us!


  • English in professional level and Polish as nativ or second language

  • High School Education and 2 years experience in Sales.

  • Working with CRM systems. We are working with our own CRM

  • Understands business and sales mentality

About the Company

Evertiq (Electronics Vertical Intelligence) is a news network for the global Electronics Design and Manufacturing Supply Chain. Evertiq delivers electronic design- and manufacturing news, analyst reports and other market news tailored specifically to the electronics industry. Adding to our news network, we also organize one-day expos in several countries, which bring together industry professionals (read more

We have our head office in Stockholm, Sweden as our owners are Swedish, but we are at the same time an international organization with local offices in the Netherlands, Germany, and Polan. We are totally 20 employees, a smaller organization, efficient and with an entrepreneurial spirit.
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